The World's First BS67

Smart Ceiling Rose!

UK Green Channel Patent GB1111350.3


The Smart Ceiling Rose is an energy saving device that directly replaces existing ceiling roses, better known as ‘the plastic box and pendant that links your light to the ceiling’. The Smart Ceiling Rose can detect the slightest movement in a room, so knows when it’s in use. When not in use, out goes the light, reducing energy consumption and cutting your bills.  The Smart Ceiling Rose has been designed both for new builds and as a retrofit for existing households. With support from the British Library IP office, the Carbon Trust and London South Bank University it has taken over 5 years to develop the Smart Ceiling Rose. In 2013, a fully functional 3D printed prototype of the device was successfully tested in an energy saving project with social houses in the London Borough of Lewisham.



There is no need for rewiring or costly electricians and builder’s works. You can install the smart ceiling rose yourself in 10 -15 minutes.


Once installed no further maintenance is required. It is 'fit and forget' technology. For added assurance, an LED indicator of the smart ceiling rose will notify you when a bulb has blown by continually blinking; thereby informing you that the smart ceiling rose is still fully functioning.


Based on a national consumer survey in the UK with 6000 completed questionnaires, 83% of potential customers surveyed indicated they would purchase the smart ceiling rose.

Kickstarter Campaign

We selected Kickstarter because the community is fast establishing a reputation for early adopters of green projects. It is a way to break beyond the traditional methods — loans, investment, industry deals, grants etc, and is a method to discover what we can offer each other, as well as exploring the value of fresh and innovative projects through creation without a middleman dictating the product and terms.

We need your support to put this new energy saving device into production. Please support us and be the first to own the world’s first Smart Ceiling Rose!

Benefits for Early Adaptors

The project and delivery time of the Kickstarter Campaign is indicated on the infographic above. To find more information about the product, and to be the first to own a Smart Ceiling Rose, please follow the link below.


Moni Razzaque

Inventor and Founder

A Chartered Building Services Engineer (CIBSE) with a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from London South Bank University, Moni has 26 years of technical engineering experience spanning design, project management, and leading multidisciplinary teams.

Mohammed Al-Musawi

Product Development

A young, up and coming engineer working for one of the worlds largest engineer consultancies. Graduated in Masters of Mechanical Engineering, Mohammed has been working on various projects in his spare time. Now he will be assisting Moni in creating future development in the ceiling rose’s timeline. Helping introduce innovation using integrated technology as we are mitigating household carbon emissions and easing the financial burden consumers experience.

Hudeyfa Hassan

Marketing and Branding

Joining the team recently, Hudeyfa has taken the mantle of Social Media and Marketing Manager. Having Various experiences within the industry, Hudeyfa is quite familiar with many social media platforms. He is tasked with delivering the social media campaign and assisting with product development, helping it reach the market, and in the hands of whom it would benefit the most. Currently, Hudeyfa manages multiple up and coming music and poetry artists, helping them realize their presence in the industry. With his experience, he will do the same with the worlds first smart ceiling rose. 


  • Whilst modern office buildings do control lighting by means of a motion sensor I am not aware of a device specifically aimed at the domestic market. The device is affordable, potentially there is a vast worldwide market. The motion detector would ensure that all lighting, including high energy bulbs, would have minimal electrical demand. We, as an architectural practice, would be very pleased to specify Light Off for the numerous new and refurbishment project that we undertake each year.

    Peter Thomas RIBA

    Director of TPArchitects
  • I’ve been using Light Off for a few months now as one of the trial households, and am very happy with the units. The fittings are only slightly different to my previous fittings, so are not really noticeable. It works every time, Lights Off is unobtrusive and convenient. On a personal note, being a wheelchair user, I’ve found having automatically operating lighting is a distinct advantage when carrying something from room to room. Balancing a basket of laundry precariously on my lap while groping for a light switch is not something I’d recommend. A good idea that is well executed. 

    Mr. J B

  • I’m concerned about issues of global warming, personal carbon footprint as well as affordability, the movement sensors have been the best and the only answer to my concern. The sensors aesthetically match the ceiling pendant, it doesn’t look odd or out of character, they bring the light back on almost instantaneously when you re-enter the room or hallway, and stay on if you’re in the room even with minimal movement. A hassle-free way of cutting down the use of energy and saving money. I can’t recommend these highly enough.

    Mr. G F



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