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UK Green Channel Patent GB1111350.3

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About The Ceiling Rose

The BS67 Smart Ceiling Rose is an energy saving device that replaces existing ceiling roses better known as ‘the plastic box and pendant that links your light to the ceiling’. The smart ceiling rose can detect the slightest movement in a room, so knows when it’s in use. When the room is no longer occupied, out goes the light, reducing energy consumption and cutting your bills. The Smart Ceiling Rose has been designed both for new builds and as a retrofit for existing households. With support from the British Library IP office, the Carbon Trust, London Leaders programme and London South Bank University, it has taken over 5 years to develop the Smart Ceiling Rose. In 2013, a fully functional 3D printed prototype of the Smart Ceiling Rose was successfully field trialled in an energy saving project with social houses in the London Borough of Lewisham. The Smart Ceiling Rose is possibly the first step with the ceiling rose since Thomas Edison patented the light bulb in 1880. The new energy saving product will be available through Kickstarter in March 2019. Register your interest and be the first to make history after 139 years.

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