“I've now got to take up the challenges, the challenge of climate change the challenge of energy security and I'm particularly conscious of the impact on consumers, households across the country of high energy bills”
Energy Secretary Ed Davey in his opening statement, February 2012

How It Works

The Ceiling Rose Motion Sensor is an energy-saving device that replaces existing ceiling roses (the plastic box and pendant that links your light to the ceiling). Like the name suggests, it detects the slightest movement in a room, so knows when it’s in use. And when it’s not, out go the lights, reducing energy consumption – and cutting bills.

Fitting the Ceiling Rose Motion Sensor takes less than ten minutes, and needs no builders work, rewiring or specialist knowledge – it’s easy! So once it’s fitted, how does it work?

Sensors inside the device override the normal light switch and automatically turn lights on and off when people are in or out of a room. You can still use your existing switch to turn lights off at night for instance, but if you forget, the Ceiling Rose Motion Sensor takes care of it.

The sensors are the same kind that already exist in things like outdoor patio lights, but the difference is that the Ceiling Rose Motion Sensor is compact, and works in harmony with your home. No more teens leaving lights on all day while they’re out at school, or hall lights draining energy because it never quite feels right to turn them off, even though the space is barely used. And the beauty of it is that, as the Ceiling Rose Motion Sensor in the centre of your room, it sees everything. Here’s what the people who’ve tried it thought.

The Ceiling Rose Motion Sensor is a brand new innovation and we’re looking for investors. Interested? Read more HERE